Speed limit buffer removed in Abu Dhabi




Today, 12 August 2018, motorists crossing the speed limit in Abu Dhabi by 1 km/h will be fined. The 20 km/h speed limit buffer will be removed.

The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police stated hat the speed limits will be revised and motorists can no longer enjoy the speed limit buffer from 12 August 2018 onwards. Speed limits on highways and internal roads will be increased by the speed limit buffer margin from this date.

The speed limit buffer allows motorists to travel 20km/h more than the advertised speed limit. This means, the 120km/h sign is in fact 140km/h speed limit and only drivers travelling 141km/h and more are fined.

The speed limit buffer that allows drivers to travel up to 20km/h above the advertised speed limit will be removed in Abu Dhabi. Accordingly, speed limit on city roads will be raised from 60km/h to 80km/h and on highways from 120km/h to 140km/h. Starting from today, the Abu Dhabi Police removes the 20km/h speed limit buffer allowed to motorists. This means once a motorist hits 141 km/h on a 140km/h road, the radar will set off, resulting in a fine of minimum 600 AED. So, drive carefully in Abu Dhabi.