RAKEZ Business Excellence Awards 2018




Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone hosts the RAKEZ Business Excellence Awards 2018. You can participate in several award categories and submit your written entry until 31 October 2018.

With the mission to inspire excellence to a community of more than 14,000 business, RAKEZ will recognize the best free zone and non-free zone companies that played a key role in the economic development of Ras Al Khaimah. 

Companies set up under the umbrella of RAKEZ can submit their entries in several award categories. The categories for the RAKEZ Business Excellence Awards 2018 are as follows:

Best New Startup: This category rewards business owners slugging away one year or two, offering products and services with a special twist. The judges will look for innovative business ideas or a clear point of differentiation. 

Best New Technology: This category seeks to highlight organizations that have identified new technology products or services. Business owners need to demonstrate that there was a certain demand and that they successfully filled the gab. 

Best Small Business of the Year: This category aims at small companies with 25 to 50 employees being in the market for only a few years. RAKEZ awards organizations striving to build their own database of clients and increase their level of engagement.

Fastest-Growing Company: This category is for organizations showing outstanding growth within the span of two to three years from starting their business.

Best Industrial Company of the Year: This category awards companies with industrial-related activities, products and services that deliver a significant value to its clients and the community.

Best Contributor to RAK Development: This category recognizes the organization that has made the most significant contribution to RAK’s economic and social development.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility: This category is to reward responsible business practice across the environment and community.

You can participate in various categories, but you need to submit one form for each award category. All applications shall be in English or Arabic. You can send your signed submission form along with relevant supporting documents until 31 October 2018 to info@rakezawards.com. For more information about RAKEZ Business Excellence Awards 2018, please visit: http://rakezawards.com/