New UAE visa scheme implemented




In June 2018 sweeping reforms to the UAE visa system have been announced and now they are implemented. The new UAE visa scheme benefits students, visitors and women.

Now, widows, divorced women and their children will be granted a 1-year residency visa extension. Students finishing Grade 12 or university will get a 1-year visa that is renewable for another year. UAE visitors can apply for a 30-day UAE visit visa extension without leaving the country.

Visa for widows and divorced women

The new UAE Cabinet resolution allows widows and divorced women to extend their existing visa for 1 year after the death of their husband or the divorce. This will give them the opportunity to seek employment in the UAE or leave the country. 

Previously, women and their children had to immediately leave the country after a divorce or death of their husband. The new 1-year visa extension will give women enough time to adjust their social and economic status and decide about their future and the future of their children. More details:

Student visa

Students who have completed Grade 12 or their university studies, can apply for a 1-year visa. The visa is renewable for another year. Parents will need to pay a deposit of 5,000 AED and submit the attested academic certificate and other supporting documents.

Visit visa extension

UAE visitors can now apply for 30-day visit visa extensions without having to leave the country. The UAE visit visa can now be extended twice, and a 600 AED fee is applicable for each extension. Previously, visitors had to leave the UAE after the expiry of their three-month visit visas or one-month tourist visas.

The new visa regulations could enhance business in the UAE through an attractive economy, being based on openness, flexibility and humanity.