Know the team behind MEO Business Center




MEO stands for Middle East Opportunities as our team creates opportunities to grow your business. Get to know the team behind MEO Business Center.

MEO Business Center is a Business Incubator based in Ras Al Khaimah, designed to support start-ups and to speed up the growth and success of early stage companies. As per our motto “We don’t search for opportunities. We create them.” we generate vibrant business opportunities and provide practical support to grow your business.

Our German competence team offers vast expert knowledge, professional experience and an extensive network in the Middle East. Our experts provide you with dynamic assistance, practical solutions and innovative opportunities.

Bogo Krok – Enter the UAE market

Bogo Krok is an expert in energetic market entries with vibrant marketing concepts. He is the contact person for innovative sales and marketing services.

Bogo and his team support you to enter the UAE market, to find clients and co-operation partners. He offers sales structure development and commercial broker services. He provides lively product presentations and an effective participation in the world’s largest exhibitions.

• Energetic market entry with vibrant marketing concepts
• Dynamic sales structure development and commercial broker services
• Sales and distribution of innovative products
• Effective participation in world’s largest exhibitions
• Lively product presentations and dynamic support

Jana Krok - Expand your business

Jana Krok, LL.M. is a German lawyer and an expert in UAE Labor Law, contract negotiation, company set-ups and visa regulations. She provides several years of professional experience in the UAE and an extensive network in Ras Al Khaimah. Jana is the contact person for various legal and economic questions, providing you with practical solutions and dynamic support.

Jana and her experienced team provide business consulting and management advice as well as practical support with company set-up, visa and bank account opening. Additionally, MEO Business Center offers monthly workshops and knowledge seminars with local authorities, innovative companies and Middle East expats.

• Workshops, knowledge seminars, networking events
• Practical support with company set-up and visa
• Active assistance with bank account opening
• Business consulting and management advice
• DIFC Will and testament drafting and registration

Christian Wulff – Manage your finances

Christian Wulff, MBA, is an expert in finance management and process-orientated quality management. He is the contact person for reliable financial accounting, management accounting and auditing.

Christian and his team support you with efficient employment and recruiting services, process-orientated quality management and advanced innovation coaching.

• Reliable financial accounting and management accounting
• Accurate auditing
• Process-orientated quality management
• Advanced innovation coaching
• Efficient employment and recruiting services

MEO Competence Team

Our German competence team offers strategical planning before entering the Middle East market, minimizing your risks and reducing your costs. We offer practical step by step solutions and dynamic services from sales and marketing to business consulting and accounting. We are a dedicated team with international professional experience and support you to grow your business.