Include your social media account into your DIFC Will




Now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. can be passed on with your DIFC Will.

As a UAE expat registering your DIFC Will, you can now have your social media accounts inherited by your loved ones. The DIFC Wills Service Centre confirmed that social media accounts can be passed on just as other assets, fortunes or properties. The clarification was issued following a recent ruling in Germany. Judges confirmed that heirs have the right to access social media accounts of their deceased loved ones.

UAE expats registering a DIFC Will can now make sure that their social media accounts be inherited by a beneficiary of their choice. You can determine a person who can access your social media accounts after your death. If you don't wish to grant access to anyone, you can include a provision stating that you want your social media accounts deactivated.

At present, social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have different procedures once a user passed away. Facebook allows to appoint a so-called Legacy Contact who can post a final message on the timeline. Instagram allows a third party to memorialize an account after the user dies, but the account itself cannot be altered.

Under German law and with your DIFC Will, social media accounts can now be passed on just as any other assets. Now, the power is in the hands of you as the social media account holder to register your DIFC Will.

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