Facebook – The king of the social media jungle




Facebook is growing every day and provides a fantastic online visibility. The king of the social media jungle is viral, highly infectious and extremely contagious.

Facebook has more than one billion users and is growing every day. Everybody is on Facebook and everyone is there for his own reasons. Nevertheless, individuals are not on Facebook to buy your products and services. People are on Facebook to express themselves and to connect with others.

How to use Facebook?

Individuals primarily use Facebook to showcase their own identity. They do not necessarily show who they really are, but who they want to be. People post pictures of luxury hotels and delicious food. They talk about expensive cars and the latest fashion trends. Users join groups to discuss TV shows and follow their idols on Facebook.

The friends we make on Facebook, the groups we join and the pages we like are all offshoots of the Facebook identity creation and re-creation. This is the reason, why it is so hard to push products and services on Facebook. You will fail if you try to directly convert Facebook users into your customers. Your brand needs to become part of people’s Facebook identity. 

You need to position your brand in a certain way, so that Facebook users want to make your brand part of their identity. Your goal on Facebook should not be to sell directly, but to create value, build trust and gain visibility. All you need to do is to engage and excite your audience on Facebook.

What to post on Facebook?

Facebook is an ideal place to attract potential customers and showcase your expertise by providing value. Nobody really cares what you had for breakfast or if your car needs a new battery. But everybody cares if you share important business news, announce interesting events or give expert advice. 

When it comes to posts on Facebook, do not bore your audience, but be mindful of what you say. Before you post, think how your followers may act in response. Here are some ideas what you could post on Facebook to engage and excite your audience:

• Post articles form your company blog
• Share your corporate newsletter
• Announce exciting company breakthroughs
• Get transparent with employee spotlights
• Comment on interesting events
• Share articles related to your industry
• Post funny facts related to your products

Do not forget to post images and videos. They are also great ways to engage and excite your audience on Facebook, the king of the social media jungle.