Certificate of Good Conduct for UAE Employment Visa




Starting from 4 February 2018, a Certification of Good Conduct is a mandatory requirement to apply for a UAE Employment Visa.

An expatriate who wants to apply for an Employment Visa to work in the UAE, must first obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct. The certificate will be issued either by his home country or the country where he lived for the last five years. The certificate must then be attested by UAE diplomatic missions abroad or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This means, if an expatriate comes to the UAE as a new employee, he will have to get a Certificate of Good Conduct first, before his UAE Employment Visa can be issued.

The new Cabinet Resolution will require those coming to the UAE for work to obtain the so called Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate as a main condition to receive an UAE Employment Visa. This new procedure is part of the UAE Government's efforts to create an even more secure community and to make the country one of the most peaceful in the world.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police for criminal investigation affairs, explained that the certificate aims to prevent and reduce crime in the UAE. The new procedure will also help those involved in financial cases to clear their names and come back or continue to work in the country. He said: "The new requirement will definitively prevent criminals from entering the country. The state has the right to protect society and its members." The new regulation is part of the process to achieve the highest level of security for those residing in the UAE, in a secure, peaceful and happy community.

The Certificate of Good Conduct will only be required for an expat applying for a UAE Employment Visa. It is not required for his dependents or those coming to the country on visit or tourist visas. Furthermore, it is not mandatory for residents switching jobs within the country. However, it is up to the employer if they want a new employee to produce the document.