Anti-begging campaign in Ras Al Khaimah




RAK Police has launched a campaign against beggars in Ras Al Khaimah.

Beggars are mostly reported during the holy month of Ramadan as people tend to be more giving. Colonel Marwan Abdullah Jakkah, director of the department of public information and public relations of RAK Police, said the campaign called 'Fight begging, Help the eligible', aims to ensure the security, safety and stability of the country.

The anti-begging campaign aims to educate the society about the risks of begging. Begging decreases the productivity of a society and increases laziness, unemployment and fraud. RAK Police offers awareness-raising videos presented in all cinemas, creates mindfulness on social media and distributes 35,000 educational brochures to the public.

Additionally, security patrols will monitor and arrest beggars during the holy month of Ramadan. RAK Police urges the public to cooperate with security forces to combat begging and report beggars by calling 0507669229

Colonel Marwan Abdullah Jakkah explained: "Begging is a crime as per Law No. 10, and a jail term of not more than three months and a fine of not more than Dh3,000 shall be slapped against any beggar as per Article 4 of the Law No. 10. Should the beggar be a foreigner, he or she shall be liable to deportation as per the court jurisdiction. Should anyone instigate a minor to go begging - be they guardians or empowered for the same, they shall suffer a six-month imprisonment at least, as per Article No. 7 of the same law."

Some beggars even use social media for their begging activities. They say that they are collecting money for charities to build new mosques or to provide medicine for helpless patients. This is fraud and RAK Police advises the public to report them. RAK Police also recommends stopping to show sympathy to beggars. "Charity societies need to be supported instead of beggars, to meet the needs of real indigent people."