ADNOC will soon charge you 10 AED extra




Once upon a time, it was fun to stop your car at a petrol station in UAE. You could remain in your chilled car while it was 48 degrees outside. You just watched the friendly service attendant doing his job. He fueled your car and cleaned your windscreen. But this fairytale is over now.

ADNOC Flex makes you choose between ADNOC Self Serve and Premium Service. Starting from 30 June 2018, you will have to pay an extra fee of 10 AED if you opt for the ADNOC Premium Service in Abu Dhabi. The chargeable Premium Service is going to be rolled out across the Northern Emirates soon.

What is the ADNOC Premium Service?

The ADNOC Premium Service is the usual service that was free once upon a time. A service attendant will fuel your car, clean your windscreen and check your tire pressure. Now, he will charge you a 10 AED service fee for this ADNOC Premium Service. In addition, you can receive reward vouchers for coffee and snacks or a car-wash discount that can be redeemed within 30 days.

The good news: The elderly and people of determination (whoever this is) will be exempt from the Premium service fee. And you can fuel your car via Self Serve at no extra charge.

How to ADNOC Self Serve?

Rumors say that there are customers who appreciate the ADNOC Self Serve. If you are one of them or you just want to save the 10 AED service fee, here is how Self Serve works:

• Stop at the ADNOC Self Serve and get out of your car. Children and pets must remain in the car while you enjoy 48 degrees outside.
• Authorize and choose your payment method. If you opt for cash payment instead of bank card, you need to call the cashier to confirm the amount.
• Select the desired nozzle, insert it in the fuel tank and squeeze the trigger to begin fueling your car. This can take a while. Wait until the fueling is completed and return the nozzle.
• If you have chosen to pay by bank card, your bank card will be charged and all you need to do is to take the receipt. If you opt for cash payment you need to call the cashier again to settle.

Enjoy your new ADNOC Self Serve experience and save 10 AED, charged for a Premium Service that was free once upon a time.