3 Reasons why blogging can grow your business




Every corporate website should contain a blog publishing at least 1 to 2 new articles every week. Small business owners often argue that they do not have the time to regularly create and publish high-quality content. If you are an entrepreneur lacking the time or the creativity to host a blog on your website, you miss out on the amazing advantages a company blog provides. By outsourcing the corporate blog, you can save the time and effort content creation and publishing take, but you can enjoy the great benefits of blogging.

1. A company blog attracts more visitors to your website

Your company blog should be integrated in your business website and you should frequently create blog post. The topics should relate to your professional field. With every article you publish, you add a new page, relevant content and appropriate keywords to your website. Therefore, more pages from your domain become indexed in search engines like Google. Regular blog posts with search engine optimized keywords can move your website higher in the ranks on the search engine results page. This dramatically improves your website visibility.

Blogging for your business expands the opportunity to be found by more searchers looking for a solution for a problem your product or service can provide. Therefore, blogging can result in more website visitors and more clients for your business.

2. A business blog promotes your brand on social media

Currently, not many SMEs have their own business blog integrated in their homepage, but you can find them having a corporate page on social media. The reason is, that many ideal customers can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Co. To increase awareness for your brand on social media, you should regularly post content and make sure these posts are liked and shared by your followers. Nevertheless, to frequently create new posts on social media which are related to your business and interesting for your audience could be challenging.

However, with regularly published articles on your company blog, you have a wide range of blog posts to share on social media. If your blog post answers questions, solves problems and provides a certain value to the reader, it will be liked and shared on social media. Furthermore, not only you can share your useful blog posts on social media, also your blog visitors should be able to do so. You should enable social sharing buttons for each blog post, so that every blog visitor can promote your content to their followers on Pinterest, Instagram & Co. Hence, blogging can fuel your company’s social media initiatives and with interested readers sharing your content, you are promoting your brand and you are reaching new potential clients.

3. A corporate blog builds trust with your audience

With the advanced knowledge of your products and services, you have several topics to start a successful blog for your business. If you frequently create new interesting blog posts, solving the problems of your followers or answering their frequently asked questions, you are adding value to your audience. By doing so, you are also creating an expert status for yourself.

If you also publish blog articles about new projects you have successfully completed or about your latest achievements for your notable clients, you will create respect and trust with your audience. With this transparency about your business it will be easier for potential clients to trust in you and your productions and services.

Implementing a blog to your website is a great possibility to attract more visitors to your website, promote your brand on social media and build trust with your audience. Blogging can strengthen your marketing efforts and grow your business.